Ground Reinforcement

Our Ground Reinforcement case studies will show you what has been achieved using our permeable paving and grass reinforcement meshes, from reinforced grassed walkways and turning out paddocks through to year-round HGV loading bays.

  • PP50 All-Weather Turning Out Paddocks, Norfolk

    Challenge Our client in Norfolk had a severe problem with drainage of the land that he turned his horses on to from his stables and found this issue was particularly acute in winter. The land would cut up and poach very quickly, making it View More
  • GR14 Overflow Car Park - Oldbury Court, Bristol

    Challenge Oldbury Court Park is an oasis of green in an urban area. The area is very popular with local residents and attracts visitors from a wide area of Bristol all year round. The park boasts fishing by the river Frome, two football pitches, a View More
  • PP40 Access Route - Royal Tunbridge Wells

    Challenge Integra Property Management was tasked with developing the attractive Solomons Estate into a more functional visitor attraction. One of the developments was the Christmas attraction which included a Santa train ride through the woods and View More
  • PP40 Towing Caravan Pitches, Mablethorpe

    Challenge Country Meadow Caravan Park was expanding and wanted to move from a seasonal, summer-only intake to catering for caravaners all year round. There were three main issues stopping the development: ● the existing bad drainage on View More
  • PP40 Ambulance Access Route - Reigate, Surrey

    Challenge Old Reigatian Rugby Club had a worn and tired access route to the clubhouse that was in need of upgrading, as well as their existing grassed spectator area in front of the clubhouse which had become rutted and bare due to year-round View More
  • Truckgrid-Max HGV Access Route - Doncaster

    Challenge The staff building at a new Doncaster retail outlet has a loading bay that needed access by Class 2 HGV trucks, transit vans and parcel delivery lorries. To get planning permission, the new access road and turning point needed to conform View More
  • GR14 Overflow Car Park - Great Budworth

    Challenge Sandal Rugby Club needed some extra overflow car parking for weekend use throughout the winter season. The installation of hard-standing and extra drainage would have required planning permission from the local council, also adding undue View More
  • PP40 Emergency Access Route - Greater Manchester

    Challenge Due to HSE (Health & Safety Executive) guidelines, the construction of a sports and playing field at a school in Hyde near Manchester needed an ambulance emergency access route to be built. The road needed to cope with a slope of 8% View More
  • PP50 Driveway - Beeston, Cheshire

    Challenge Our client in Cheshire needed a new driveway that not only would be able to take farm traffic but would also be long-lasting and attractive to the eye. It needed to be able to save considerable costs, avoiding expensive additional View More
  • PP40 Car Park - Hints, Tamworth

    Challenge Manor Farm is busy producing fruits almost all year round. The owners wanted to expand and attract more people to the farm, particularly during the colder months. So, after listening to their customers, a family-run café was built. The View More
  • PP40 Car Park - Manuden, Essex

    Challenge The New Manuden Community scheme is a mixture of new housing (luxury and social), a new community and sports centre and newly constructed playing fields. The sports field was to be used for winter sports as well as in the summer. This View More
  • GR14 Access Route - Royal Tunbridge Wells

    Challenge Integra Property Management Group had been tasked to construct a large and robust grassed area to hold marketing events including a Christmas-themed village. Solomons Estate in Kent is within an SSSI protected area, and a solution was View More
  • PP50 Car Park - Stallingborough, Grimsby

    Challenge Survitec is an expanding company located on a busy industrial estate in Grimsby. Parking on the estate has always proved to be a problem due to the lack of spaces available. As the business was growing, more staff members were being View More
  • PP40 & GR14 Car Park - Shirley, Croydon

    Challenge Oaks Farm is a popular, sought-after wedding venue. Up until recently, their main business was during the warmer months - mainly at weekends - but demand has been steadily increasing. The pressure was on to accept more bookings during View More
  • PP40 Disabled and Pedestrian Access, Blackburn

    Challenge St Peters Church had released new consecrated ground for burials at the church, but it lacked access paths. They needed a path that would allow access all year round in all but the worst weather conditions. It was also required to be View More
  • GR14 Car Park - Oulton, Leeds

    Challenge Rothwell Leisure Centre is a very busy establishment catering for many different sports, with several football and rugby pitches attached. Due to local pressures, some of the land was re-allocated to be used for much-needed housing for View More
  • PP40 Fire Access Route - Hertford

    Challenge To keep within fire regulations for all dwellings/work buildings, it is required that a Pump Action Fire Appliance (12.5 tonnes) or a Hydraulic Platform Fire Appliance (17.5 tonnes) must be able to get within 45 metres to all parts of a View More
  • PP40 Driveway Renovation - Redborn, St. Albans

    Challenge The end client needed to upgrade their domestic drive which had become tired and unsightly. They also wished to expand the driveway's hardstanding area to allow an extra car to park there every day. To meet the latest SuDS requirements View More
  • PP40 Overflow Car Park - Stockton, Yorkshire

    Challenge Deans Garden Centre is a busy, growing garden centre attracting business all year round - especially over the Christmas period. There was an existing grassed area that could be used over the summer months for car parking, but it wasn't View More
  • GR14 Overflow Car Park - Shropshire

    Challenge The National Sports Centre at Lilleshall is one the UK’s foremost training centres for Britain’s leading sportsmen and women, as well as catering for many prestigious conferences throughout the year. The centre has become View More
  • PP40 Courtyard & Driveway - Wellesbourne, Warwick

    Challenge The residents of the Wellesbourne near Warwick residential properties needed to upgrade their shared courtyard which had become rutted, unsafe and unpleasant. For the upgrade, the occupants of the houses wanted a hardworking, attractive View More
  • GR14 Overflow Car Park - Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

    Challenge MMUK is a thriving business that has gone from strength to strength. In doing so, MMUK has needed to increase its employee numbers to keep up with their customer demand. This has led to high pressures on car parking spaces, meaning cars View More
  • GR14 Overflow Car Park - St. Davids, Pembrokeshire

    Challenge Dr Sarah Beynon, a well-known scientist and naturalist, wanted to open an educational centre dedicated to the marvels of bugs and insects. Dr Beynon had purchased a farm in the picturesque area of St Davids in SW Wales to develop this View More
  • GR14 Overflow Car Park - Northwich

    Challenge The residents of Great Budworth have had an ever-increasing issue with parking in the village. Over time, the recently constructed community and village hall had become increasingly busy, attracting extra cars to the immediate vicinity. View More