GR14 Temporary Car Park - Cambridge Scientific Park

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Project: 6400m2 Temporary Car Park

Client: Bouygues UK

Location: Cambridge Scientific Park

Products: GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh


Bouygues UK have started a large construction project in the Cambridge Scientific Park.  As the works progress parking will be needed for the contractors vehicles.  There was land available but intrusive construction work was not allowed.  So a low cost solution was sought that could allow parking for the two years of ongoing works, would have the necessary strength for car trafficking and could be laid over the top surface.


The solution was to install GR14 Grass Protection Matting over the existing grass area.  The matting did not need planning, met the pre-set conditions and was installed over a few days. 


Bouygues UK now have a reliable grass car parking area which can be used throughout the programme of works.  The mesh can be either left at the end of the project and used as an overflow car park or removed and recycled.  The area will provide up to 320 extra car parking spaces.  No extra drainage was required as the GR14 is completely permeable.

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  • Thickness: 14mm
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  • Colour: Green