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PP50 All-Weather Turning Out Paddocks - Norfolk

Ground Reinforcement Grid - Case Study

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Our client in Norfolk had a severe problem with drainage of the land that he turned his horses on to from his stables and found this issue was particularly acute in winter. The land would cut up and poach very quickly, making it impossible for the horses to be left out.

Quite often, the horses had to be kept in for weeks at a time during cold wet months and sometimes during wet times in the summer. Apart from the added expense of stabling the horses, it was not good for the wellbeing of the horses to be in all the time.


Using PP50 permeable pavers as part of a carefully designed construction profile within a paddock, a safe area was formed so the horses could be turned out to.

Our PP50 was chosen as it has the depth and strength to give the base the structure needed to be firm and stable - ideal for this equestrian project. At the same time, PP50 is flexible enough to withstand, and give as required, the point loadings imposed by the horses.


The horses can now be safely turned out all year round in most weather conditions. It has been calculated that, within a couple of years, the initial expense of constructing the paddocks will be recouped against what has been spent on stabling the horses for unacceptably long periods. More importantly, the wellbeing of the horses is much improved and has led to reduced vet bills.

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