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PP40 Green Grass Permeable Paving - Trowell Garden Centre

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Project: 3000m2 Overflow Permeable Grass Parking

Client: Trowell Garden Centre

Location: Trowell Garden Centre, Nottingham

Products: PP40 Green Grass Permeable Paving


Trowell Garden Centre is a very busy expanding garden centre.  Attracting business all year round, especially over the Christmas period, a solution was needed to meet the demand of extra parking that was in keeping with the local surroundings and would meet the latest regulations regarding drainage and water runoff. 


PP40 Permeable Pavers with a grass finish was chosen to meet the requirements on site.  A permeable MOT type 3 hardcore base was laid to support the PP40.  The hardcore was stabilised between two layers of Suregreen geotextile which ensured the hardcore remained clean and stable and so not allowing infiltration by fines or migration from the top fill.  Onto the geotextile a 35mm bedding layer, for the PP40, of rootzone was laid.  The PP40 was tapped into place and all clipped together.  The PP40 was filled to within 5mm of the surface with the rootzone


Trowell Garden Centre now have available a car park that can be used throughout the year during peak demand. Overall costs were reduced because of no extra outlays for additional overflow drainage was needed.  Planning delays & costs were also kept to a minimum.  The will be very much in keeping with the surrounding as the car park will have a grass finish.

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