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GR14 Grass Car Parking - Heritage Wood, Derbyshire

GR14 Grass Parking Case Study - Heritage Wood, Derbyshire

 Project: More car parking required for Heritage Wood Illuminated Woodland Walk and for year-round events. 

 Location: Heritage Wood, Derbyshire. 

 Products: GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh.  



The team at Heritage Wood needed to increase the size of their car park for the Heritage Wood Illuminated Woodland Walk and caravan rallies throughout the year, but didn't want to dig up any more fields to make a permanent car park.


Solution & Benefits:

Tim started researching ground stabilization systems. After finding several different types of grid systems that didn't work for them, they settled on Suregreen's grass reinforcement mesh after going to another site where it is in use and seeing how well it works.


Tim Morley from Heritage Wood said "We have put in a permanent hard road so main traffic areas will be able to cope without any worries and then used the car parking areas with the mesh.  It's been down for 3 months now and completely disappeared in the grass.  We are mowing straight over the mesh without having to adjust cutting height which is really useful.

"We have been able to double our parking area to over 200 vehicles which will greatly increase the viability of our Illuminated Walk and make winter caravan rallies a much nicer experience for the people taking part, as they will be able to park on the grass and not be in mud!

We unrolled the grass reinforcement mesh when it arrived and left it to lay flat for a week before we pulled it into place (just meant it didn't keep trying to roll back up while handling). Once the grass reinforcement mesh was in place, we "pegged" one end and then rolled it to stretch it out, while the roller was parked on the other end of the mesh it was pegged down completely, centre first then pulled tight sideways. It was then left for 4 weeks before the first mow to let it settle in to make sure the grass had grown through really well.

 Dealing with Suregreen has been a great experience - the Suregreen team offered lots of helpful advice and delivery was exactly when they said it would be, which makes a pleasant change!"


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