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Geocross Overflow Parking - Capesthorne Hall

Project: Everyday Overflow Office Grass Parking

Client: A. Rodgers

Location: Capesthorne Hall, Congleton Rd, Macclesfield

Product: 260m² Geocross Roll-In Grass Reinforcement



Within the grounds of Capesthorne Hall, there are some new business units - including a gym complex. It quickly became clear the existing hardstanding for parking was insufficient, so a solution was needed to accommodate extra parking. The new parking would need to be in-keeping with the surrounds, could be used almost immediately and all year round. Also costs needed to be kept down and no extra drainage could be installed.



Utilizing an existing grassed area adjacent to the office buildings, Suregreen Geocross Roll In Grass Reinforcement was selected as the solution. The area was prepared by cutting the grass and watering the area prior to install. The Geocross was rolled in the ground. The purposely designed product is made from specially chosen plastics and is shaped in such a way, that it allows the process of rolling in over sometimes uneven ground without breaking. All pieces 585mm x 585mm grids strongly clipping together



The business units with the grounds of Capesthorne now have a low cost solution to the everyday extra parking required for staff and increasing visitors. No extra drainage was required on site as the Geocross installed area is entirely self-draining. Suregreen Geocross gives a strong robust surface for often intense everyday vehicles and pedestrians alike. Over time the grass will grow and entangle with the grid giving a totally grass finish.

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