PP40 Access Route - Royal Tunbridge Wells

Permeable Driveway Solutions - Case Study

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Integra Property Management was tasked with developing the attractive Salomons Estate into a more functional visitor attraction. One of the developments was the Christmas attraction which included a Santa train ride through the woods and grounds.

The current paths were not suitable for the wheeled train, so the client required a hard-wearing, environmentally sensitive road/access route which would match the grounds and surroundings.

The access route would also be used regularly by the estate's staff, work vehicles and machinery, as well as a pathway for the general public.


The client, the estate and the council agreed that PP40 permeable paving grids were ideal as they create a free-draining and permeable solution alongside an attractive gravel surface.

PP40 porous pavers were laid onto a constructed aggregate sub-base and gravel bedding layer. The edges were retained by timber kerbs. The pavers cells were then filled and top-dressed with the specified gravel fill.


PP40 porous pavers provide an attractive, heavy load-bearing surface capable of supporting the traffic and loads that the Christmas train and estate vehicles would exert.

A contoured, winding access road with a slight gradient was created and the solution met the client's requirements: to be free-draining, environmentally sensitive, heavy load bearing, attractive and permanent.