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PVC-Coated Welded Wire Mesh Rolls

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SKU 213157-434934
Weight 8kg-34kg
Gauge 19 Gauge, 17 Gauge, 15 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 16 Gauge
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Features and benefits

  • Provided as a roll for easier transport – simply unroll and cut as required
  • Galvanised with a protective zinc coating to make it hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • PVC coating to add another layer of protection and give it a smoother finish
  • Green colour to make it much more attractive for use in the garden or outdoors
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Welded at each mesh join to ensure it is strong and secure
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Full specification

More Information
SKU 213157-434934
Weight 8kg-34kg
Gauge 19 Gauge, 17 Gauge, 15 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 16 Gauge

Further information

Our PVC-Coated Welded Wire Mesh Fence Rolls are manufactured from steel and galvanised with a zinc coating to shield it from rust. It’s then coated in green PVC plastic to add another layer of protection, creating a smoother finish which is safer to use with animals. The green finish also makes it much more attractive and easier to blend into gardens and natural environments. It is welded at the joins to ensure the mesh is extremely strong, durable and long-lasting. This wire mesh is available in a variety of different lengths, heights, apertures and wire thicknesses.

Typical applications include:

  • Garden fencing
  • Animal/pet enclosures including rabbit hutches
  • Rabbit fencing and chicken coops
  • Cat fencing 
  • Dog fencing - recommend to use a thicker/heavier gauge - 12g
  • Tree guards
  • Aviary cages
  • Fruit cages
  • Crop protection

Thicknesses available:

  • 19 gauge (1mm thick)
  • 17 gauge (1.4mm thick)
  • 15 gauge (1.8mm thick)
  • 12 gauge (2.5mm thick)

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Technical information

The wire is galvanised before welding then coated with a protective plastic coating which helps to protect the wire from the elements and smooths over any potentially sharp bits of metal. Please bear in mind that any cuts made into the steel may rust where the new metal is exposed - you will need to protect these cut ends with galvanised spray or paint.

Wire gauges explained:

  • 12 gauge wire is approx. 2.5mm thick
  • 15 gauge wire is approx. 1.8mm thick
  • 17 gauge wire is approx. 1.4mm thick
  • 19 gauge wire is approx. 1mm thick

Hole sizes explained: 

  • 25mm / 1” holes are perfect for small animal’s enclosures, hutches, cages, chicken coops and rabbit runs
  • 50mm / 2” holes are perfect for creating fencing for larger animals such as dogs.

We advise that gloves are worn when handling this wire.

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