Fencing & Road Pins

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Product Info:

Steel fencing pins are essential for the fast and quick installation of plastic barrier fencing mesh and barrier tapes. The steel fencing road pins have a "shepherds crook" top to them to make it easy to attach the top of the barrier mesh fencing, barrier tape or rope to the pin.

Size: 1.25m high x 8mm dia. steel.

Suregreen recommends a minimum of 1 fencing pin for every 5 metres when installing barrier fencing mesh. However, 1 pin every 2.5m will give a better-secured fence.

Suregreen offer two different types of fencing pins - standard and electroplated both are the same size, however:

  • Standard pins are untreated and will rust when exposed to the elements. Although the pins may become rusty this will not affect the longevity of the pins.
  • Electroplated pins are fully protected galvanised steel which will help protect the pins against rust.

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Technical Information:

  • Standard pins are untreated steel and may rust when exposed to the elements - however, please note that this rust will not affect the life expectancy of the pins
  • Electroplated pins are zinc-coated to protect the steel against rust and corrosion 
  • Manufactured in Europe 

Features & benefits:

  • Manufactured from high-quality steel with two different finishes 
  • European-made steel fencing pins
  • Shepherds crook style top help support the barrier mesh 
  • Easily removed, stored and reused
  • A pointed base for easy installation
  • Electroplated to prevent rust corrosion - the standard pins are untreated and will rust when exposed to the elements but this does not affect their longevity


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