Protecting the Plants in Your Garden | Suregreen's Guide to Vegetable Protection

Protecting the Plants in Your Garden | Suregreen's Guide to Vegetable Protection

It's time to protect your plants!

Whether it's weeds, pests, diseases or the weather, plant protection can be a serious problem for vegetable gardens!  Luckily for you,
the Suregreen team have been busy collating their top tips to help you keep your plants healthy and happy all year round!

Fruit & Vegetable Cages

Fruit and Vegetable Cages provide a convenient and flexible system for protecting fruit and vegetables from pests such as 
birds and butterflies. Quick to install 
and dismantle once the growing season is over, what's not to love?


Anti-Bird Netting

Our Anti-Bird Plastic Netting has a green, diamond design and is an economical solution for protecting crops, fruit
and gardens from birds and other common pests including mice, rats, squirrels and rabbits.


Windbreak Fencing Mesh

Our Windbreak Fencing Mesh reduces wind speeds through its mesh apertures, helping to protect crops, plants,
animals, nurseries and more from heavy winds.  Breaks up the wind speed and force by 50%!


Butterfly Netting

Butterfly Netting protects vegetables from butterflies and birds.  The 8mm mesh holes stop butterflies from
being able to lay their eggs, as the resultant caterpillars can cause damage to young vegetables.


Plastic Garden Mesh

Our Plastic Garden Mesh is available in hole sizes of 50mm, 20mm and 5mm.  It can easily be attached to fencing posts or mounted
onto frames, making it ideal for protecting seedbeds, protecting trees from rabbits and other roaming animals and as climbing plant support.


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