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Windbreak Fencing Mesh

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Product info:

Plastic windbreak fencing mesh reduces wind speeds through its mesh apertures which helps to protect crops, plants, animals, nurseries and more from heavy winds. Manufactured from green or black HDPE plastic, windbreak fencing mesh has a hexagonal mesh aperture and is available in 1m or 2m-wide rolls.

Windbreak fencing mesh can be used to create decorative garden fences as well as horticultural or agricultural fencing where destructive winds are required to be reduced to protect crops or animals.

Our windbreak mesh reduces wind speeds as the force of the wind is broken when it passes through the 50% of mesh holes.

Technical information:

  • Manufactured from HDPE plastic
  • Unique hexagonal mesh aperture improves the strength of the mesh to withstand strong winds 
  • Weight 400g/m²
  • Mesh hole size of 8x6mm (nominal)

Installation notes

Hexagonal plastic mesh windbreak fencing should be battened to wooded posts. The mesh should be secured between the timber fence post and a timber batten so that the full length of the mesh takes to forces exerted by the wind. Failure to fix these plastic meshes properly could result in some individual mesh filaments breaking where they have been U-nailed which could result in the fencing mesh blowing down.

Features & benefits:

  • Windbreak mesh reduces wind speeds by 50%
  • Manufactured from HDPE plastic which is UV-stabilised and rot-resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Installation is straightforward - simply batten the mesh to wooden fence posts
  • Use a straining line wire for added strength and security
  • The unique hexagonal mesh aperture improves the strength of the mesh to withstand strong winds 
  • Mesh hole size of 8 x 6mm (nominal)