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Butterfly Netting for Plants & Vegetables

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SKU 431377-431384
Weight 0.6kg-1.5kg
Colour Black
UV-Stabilised Yes
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Features and benefits

  • Butterfly / Bird netting has a 8mm square mesh hole size to keep all birds and butterflies out
  • Netting is manufactured from UV stabilised, rot free plastic
  • Plastic mesh holes allow pollinating insects through
  • Butterfly Netting is supplied in 2m and 4m widths, in easy to handle folded packs
  • Economic protection for crops, fruit and vegetables from bird and butterfly damage
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Full specification

More Information
SKU 431377-431384
Weight 0.6kg-1.5kg
Colour Black
UV-Stabilised Yes

Further information

Butterfly netting protects crops and vegetables from butterflies and birds. The plastic mesh has a 8mm x 8mm mesh hole size, much smaller than standard anti-bird netting.

Protecting crops from butterflies (in particularly brassica), is important as the butterflies lay their eggs. The resultant caterpillars cause damage to young vegetables including cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, calabrese, purple sprouting, Brussels sprouts etc. Suregreen's 8mm square plastic netting, is the optimum size to stop all birds and butterflies from being able to get to the plants. The netting still allows pollinating insects like bees through.

Plastic anti-butterfly netting is available in two standard easy to handle packs - 4m x 25m and 4m x 10m. The plastic mesh is black, UV stabilised and strong, while being lightweight. The netting is easy to erect and tie to fruit cages, grow frames and bamboo canes.

Technical information

  • 8mm x 8mm diamond mesh hole
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilized Plastic
  • Weight 15g/m²