Top Tips for Building a Chicken Run | Suregreen's Guide to Happy Hens

Top Tips for Building a Chicken Run | Suregreen's Guide to Happy Hens

Get your chickens ready for spring with Suregreen!

At Suregreen, we understand that building a chicken run from scratch can seem a lengthy task. 
That's why we've put together our top tips and must haves when building a chicken run to help you along the way.

Chicken Run Chicken Run

What materials do I need?

Galvanised Chicken Wire or PVC-Coated Chicken Wire
Wooden Fence Posts
Softwood Chicken Chips
• Screws and Hinges
Steel Fencing U-Pins

Which tools do you recommend?

• Hammer
• Level
• Ruler
• Screwdriver
• Spade

What are the must haves when building a chicken run?

✓ Good ventilation but draft free
✓ Protection from the elements
✓ Easy to clean and sanitise
✓ Good drainage
✓ Keeps chickens in and predators out
✓ Sufficient space for happy hens

How much space do my chickens need in the coop and run?

If your birds have access to an outdoor run, allow a minimum of 3sqft/bird inside the coop and a minimum of 4sqft/bird in the run. 

The general consensus is the bigger the space, the happier the hens!


How do I keep my chickens in and predators out?

If you keep chickens, you are likely to encounter foxes and, therefore, will need a predator proof chicken run.  To prevent these animals from gaining unwanted entry, bury the wire underground (we recommend digging a foot deep for extra security) and anchor using our Heavy Duty Ground Pegs.

For optimum deterrence, we recommend using an electric fence.  Our FORTIS Electric Fencing range contains everything you need to create a secure, effective electric fence.  We supply energisers, insulators, conductors and electric fencing posts, as well as the necessary accessories to help you construct and secure your fence including drill chucks for insulators, multipurpose tools for snipping and hammering, connectors and gate handles.



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