Top 10 Essential Gardening & Landscaping Jobs You Need To Do In September

Top 10 Essential Gardening & Landscaping Jobs You Need To Do In September

Make the most of the late summer weather that September brings to prepare your garden for autumn and winter. A bit of forward planning and preparation will help you get the most out of your garden next spring and summer.

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Here are 10 essential gardening jobs to complete this month to keep your garden in tip-top shape:


1. Apply Mulch To The Soil

Prep your garden for winter by weeding, aerating the soil and applying mulch. A layer of mulch will help to prevent weeds, retain soil moisture and act as an insulating layer during frosty weather. 

If you need an ample supply of garden mulch, our bulk bag of Falcon Super Mulch is the most economical option. It’s nutrient-rich, aiding plant growth whilst improving soil structure and drainage. Mulch is versatile and can be used on flower beds, shrub beds, and vegetable patches. 

Support healthy plant growth with Suregreen's range of bark and mulches.


2. Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

September is the ideal time to plant spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. Plant them in well-drained soil and water them regularly. Reap the rewards in early spring. 

September is also a good time to plant herbaceous perennials. The soil is still warm to encourage good root growth and there is usually enough rain to ensure plants don't dry out. 

We stock a wide variety of compost and topsoil - from Melcourt's Multi-Purpose Compost, Soil Conditioner and Topsoil to Rose, Tree & Shrub Planting Compost - shop our range of composts here.


3. Prune Summer Flowering Shrubs

Pruning summer flowering shrubs in September will help them to produce more flowers next year. Ensure they have finished flowering before pruning. 


4. Collect & Sow Seeds 

Collect and sow seeds from perennials and hardy annuals. This is a great way to save money and propagate your favourite plants. Sow the seeds in a seed tray or pot and keep them in a warm, bright place. 


5. Build A Shed For Winter Storage

If you need extra winter storage and are considering erecting a shed, Suregreen's permeable shed base kits provide a low-cost alternative to concrete shed bases and are comprised of plastic porous paving gride and geotextile. They provide free-draining, easy-to-install and robust flooring for your shed. The plastic paving grids should be infilled with angular gravel - choose from Golden Flint Gravel, Pea Gravel Shingle in handy 20kg bags or 850kg bulk bags. Purchase your shed base kit in your required size: they are available from 4ft to 13ft.


6. Protect Plants From Frost With Frost Protection Fleeces

Protect your plants, shrubs and young trees from the winter frost and harsh weather conditions (rain, wind and snow). Available in packs of 6, stock up on Frost Protection Fleeces in advance of the winter cold snap.


7. Rake Leaves and Compost Them

Raking leaves will help improve the quality of your soil. An open compost heap can benefit wildlife by providing shelter and the perfect spot for hibernation for hedgehogs and other species. 


8. Plant Container Grown Plants to Give Time To Establish

Although container-grown plants can be planted at any time, early autumn gives them plenty of time to establish before winter. Grab yourself a bargain with 50% off Suregreen Garden Planters. They are frost-resistant, durable and come with a drainage hole. If you're looking for a large plant pot, Suregreen's Tapered Round Planter is ideal. Browse the full range of garden planters here. 


9. Plant Hardy Vegetables 

Continue to sow vegetables for overwintering, to mature next spring, including turnips, spinach, winter lettuce, and oriental vegetables. If you sow salad crops and radishes now, you'll be able to harvest them in the coming weeks to use in autumnal salads.


10. Cover Vegetable Crops With Bird-Proof Netting

Protect your crops and plants from pests including birds, butterflies, mice, squirrels, rabbits and domestic pets. Within our range, we offer: Diamond Mesh Bird Netting, Premium Crop and Pond Netting, Plastic Butterfly Netting, Plastic Mesh Fencing, Plastic Garden Netting, Pea and Bean Netting.


By following these tips in September, you can ensure your garden is healthy and beautiful throughout the winter months.


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