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Plastic Mesh Fencing | 5mm | 20mm | 50mm | 1m

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SKU 430110-438185
Weight 0.65kg-10.5kg
Colour Green, Black
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Features and benefits

  • Manufactured from HDPE plastic which has a high strength-to-density ratio
  • Available in 5mm, 20mm and 50mm holes
  • Black or Green
  • Semi-rigid: easily mounts onto frames and attaches to fencing posts
  • Lightweight; easy to lift and manoeuvre
  • Long Lasting; strong, resistant to mould, rotting and insect attack
  • Malleable; easy to curve and bend
  • Smooth; no sharp edges
  • A great alternative to wire fencing in your garden
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More Information
SKU 430110-438185
Weight 0.65kg-10.5kg
Colour Green, Black

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Our plastic mesh fencing is available in hole sizes of 5mm, 20mm and 50mm. It's manufactured from green or black HDPE plastic and is semi-rigid, meaning that it can easily be attached to fencing posts or mounted onto frames to give it the support it needs.

The 50mm and 20mm mesh weigh 280g/m² and the 5mm mesh weighs 520g/m².

Common applications for this long-lasting, versatile plastic mesh fencing include:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Garden fences
  • Dog/pet areas
  • Tree guards
  • Tree protection from rabbits
  • Climbing plant support netting
  • Seedbed protection
  • Bird protection
Visit our Technical Area to view our Frequently Asked Questions on plastic mesh fencing.



Technical information

Manufactured from HDPE plastic