Tapered Square Planter | Cement Grey | 57cm x 60cm

(SKU: 875261)

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SKU 875261
Weight 19.5kg
Height 57
Size 57cm x 60cm
Full Pallet Quantity 2
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Features and benefits

  • The Tapered Square Planters are made by hand from Fibre-Clay
  • Weather resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • Frost resistant to -30 degrees, they will not break or discolour if exposed to frost
  • Pre-drilled drainage hole in centre
  • Robust and hard wearing
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More Information
SKU 875261
Weight 19.5kg
Height 57
Size 57cm x 60cm
Full Pallet Quantity 2
Colour Cement Grey

Further information

Sturdy yet portable, Suregreen’s Tapered Square Planters make a minimalist statement in your garden or in your home. Made from fiberglass reinforced clay (Fibre-Clay), the pots are UV resistant so they will not fade in the sun and are frost-proof to prevent cracking or discolouration during the colder months. The Tapered Square Planter has a simple design that lets the beauty of your plants do the talking. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and comes with a pre-drilled drainage hole. Available in 4 sizes.

Maintenance of our Square Planters

The salts contained naturally in the fibreclay garden planters will be released gently, ensuring an attractive ageing process that may see only a slight dulling of colour. As the salts are released naturally, these plant pots can be wiped down with a damp cloth with no adverse effect to the garden planter.

Planting with our Square Planters

Our square garden planters are suitable for indoor and outdoor plants. These tapered planters feature one large draining hole; this means there is no requirement to use shingle on the base below the compost or soil. If using our square planters inside please cover or fill drainage hole with a bung before potting plants.

Garden Planter Sizes:

  • Small Tapered Square: 30cm x 27cm
  • Medium Tapered Square: 39cm x 39cm
  • Large Tapered Sqaure: 46cm x 46cm
  • XL Tapered Square: 57cm x 60cm

Technical information

  • Frost-resistant to -30 degrees
  • UV-stabilised
  • Pre-drilled drainage hole
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Available in 4 sizes

Compost Volumes:

  • 30cm x 27cm Square: 27L / 1 Bag
  • 39cm Square: 66L / 2 Bags 
  • 46cm Square: 108L / 3 Bags 
  • 57cm x 60cm Square: 215L / 4 Bags
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