Square Bird Netting

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Product Info:

Suregreen's Square Anti-Bird Netting, a strong, lightweight mesh that is ideal for protection from birds and larger insects.

Anti bird netting can be used to protect fruit, vegetables and crops from birds including pigeons and ground animals. The netting is 15g/m² in weight made from quality plastic that ensures an extra long life and is suitable for protecting ponds from birds, animals and leaves.

Manufactured from black polypropylene plastic and has a square mesh hole size of 12mm. It's also been UV-stabilised so that it can be used year after year. The plastic is stretched which has square holes, producing a high-tensile strength product that doesn't stretch or deform.

Square anti bird netting is supplied in 2m x 10m, 4m x 10m, 4m x 25m and 2m x 50m lengths.

Technical Information:

  • Approx. 12mm x 12mm diamond mesh hole
  • Manufactured from UV-stabilised plastic
  • Weight of 15g/m²
  • Please note that due to the 12mm holes, some small butterflies may still be able to pass through. Please see our anti-butterfly mesh for more appropriate sizes.

Features & benefits:

  • Plastic netting with a 12mm mesh hole size to keep birds out
  • The netting is manufactured from UV-stabilised, rot-free plastic
  • Supplied in easy-to-handle folded packs or rolls
  • Weight - 15g/m²
  • This plastic netting can also easily be installed to fruit cage frames

If you require to stop all butterflies, we would suggest using our anti-butterfly netting. This netting has a smaller mesh hole size of 8mm.


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