FORTIS SG050 Battery-Powered Energiser

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SKU 993746
Weight 5kg
Brands Fortis
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Features and benefits

  • Supports 12V/9V Batteries ​
  • Output Voltage of 9,500V​
  • Does not include Battery ​
  • Lightweight and Portable ​
  • Waterproof and anti-dust pulse current technology which contributes to a longer battery life ​
  • Simple DC input Terminals ​
  • Low average current to ensure the battery lasts longer
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More Information
SKU 993746
Weight 5kg
Brands Fortis

Further information

Our Fortis SG050 energiser model is a robust and affordable model that you can depend on. It is an effective powered electric fence energiser which supports a 12V leisure wet battery and 9V dry battery and will have an output voltage of 9,500V. It is mainly used for enclosing livestock and keeping out any pests/predators out of animal enclosures. ​

​The FORTIS SG050 energiser is very quick and easy to install. This energiser is leightweight and portable so, it's very easy to transport making it a must have choice for temporary electric fences in wide open areas or on rented land where a permanent fence insn't required. Our energiser can power a single-wire electric fence for approximately 10km and a 3-wire fence for approximately 3km. ​

​If the energiser is being installed outside, you should install the energiser into a weatherproof box which is out of reach of children. Install this where there is no risk of the energiser incurring fire or mechanical damage and where the battery leads can be attached easily. ​

​We have the upmost confidence in this energiser that we have decided to also offer a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

​Applications Include:

  •   Farm use such as enclosing livestock in temporary grazing fields or for preventing livestock migration​
  •   Equestrian use to create horse fences for paddocks or strip grazing​
  •   Keeping pests/predators out of animal enclosures

Technical information

Our FORTIS SG050 Energiser is very quick and east to install. Please visit our FORTIS SG050 Installation Guide for more information. 

Electric animal fences must be installed and operated so that they cause no electrical hazard to persons, animals or their surroundings. Do not climb over, through or under a multi-wire electric fence. Use a gate or a specially designed crossing point.

A distance of at least 10m must be maintained between the energiser earth electrode and any other earthing system connected parts, such as a power supply system protective earth or a telecommunication system earth.

This energiser complies with international safety regulations and is manufactured to international standards. Suregreen reserves the right to make changes without notice to any product specification to improve reliability, function or design.