FORTIS SG050 Battery-Powered Energiser


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Product Info:

FORTIS SG050 is an effective battery-powered electric fence energiser which is ideal for when mains power isn’t readily available.

This energiser is portable and can be placed anywhere, making it a good choice for temporary electric fences in wide, open areas or on rented land where a permanent fence isn't desired. It can power a single-wire electric fence for approximately 10km, and a 3-wire fence for approximately 3km.

Applications include:

  • Farm use such as enclosing livestock in temporary grazing fields or for preventing livestock migration
  • Equestrian use to create horse fences for paddocks or strip grazing
  • Keeping pests/predators out of animal enclosures

SG050 should be powered by either a 12V leisure wet battery or 9V dry battery, and will have an output voltage of 9,500V. Please note that the battery is not included.

This energiser has a 2-year warranty from date of purchase.

Technical Information:

  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Output voltage: 9

Features & benefits:

  • Small and lightweight


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