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FORTIS SG200 Solar-Powered Energiser

(SKU: 993890)

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SKU 993890
Weight 5kg
Brands Fortis
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Features and benefits

  • Solar-powered so that there is no need to manually charge the battery
  • A fully-charged battery will power the energiser for over three weeks in no sunlight
  • Low-maintenance energiser ideal for remote areas
  • Battery lifespan of around 3 years
  • Built-in lightning protection devices to reduce the incidence of lightning damage
  • Built-in RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Suppressed Circuitry
  • Portable
  • Horse Fence

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Full specification

More Information
SKU 993890
Weight 5kg
Brands Fortis

Further information

FORTIS SG200 is a solar-powered electric fence energiser which performs well even in low sunlight, making it ideal for use in the UK. Due to the energiser recharging its battery using sunlight, this is a great option for remote locations where access to mains power is limited.

The solar panel can charge a flat battery in three days if the energiser is switched off and there is adequate sunlight. When fully charged, the battery will power the energiser for over three weeks with no sunlight. This means that the SG200 energiser is low-maintenance and will need little interference other than the usual routine checks of the fence.


 It can power a single-wire electric fence for approximately 7km, and a 3-wire fence for approximately 4km.

Suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Farm use such as enclosing livestock and preventing migration
  • Equestrian use – horse fences, strip grazing and paddocks
  • Keeping pests/predators out of animal enclosures

The box contains:

  • Solar-powered energiser with battery (you will need to connect this as per the manual instructions)
  • Clamp connectors
  • Safety and installation manual


Output voltage of 8,500V. This energiser has a 2-year warranty from date of purchase.

Technical information

  • Output voltage: 8