Terram T1000 4.5m x 100m Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane


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Product Info:

This large Terram T1000 non-woven geotextile is used as a separator for ground stabilisation in construction, civil engineering, and architectural applications. 

This geotextile fabric is permeable, allowing water to pass through.

This geotextile is made of 100% polypropylene and hinders the mixing of different granular stone layers or soils within a construction sub-base.                                                                                                       

Geotextiles can be used to provide ground stabilisation, prevent surface collapse and rutting for the following applications:

  • Construction of gravel driveways
  • Wrapping soakaway crates and SuDS tanks
  • Water attenuation & rainwater harvesting
  • In road and pavement construction
  • Under block paving
  • With grass pavers to prevent the rootzone soil being washed through into the sub-base stone
  • For gravel-filled permeable paving grids to prevent the gravel intermixing with the larger sub-base stone layers
  • Separating stone layers in car parks or overflow car park construction
  • With permeable paving surfaces
  • Children's play areas, sandpits and under safety mulch
  • Horse manèges
  • Land drains

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Technical Information:

  • Roll dimensions: 4.5m x 100m = 450sqm
  • Approx weight per roll: 54kg
  • Tensile Strength: 8.0kN/m
  • Permeability: 90 l/m2s
  • Thickness @ 2kPa: 1.1mm
  • CBR Puncture Resistance: 1500N
  • Cone Drop: 38mm
  • Pore Size - Mean AOS: 75μm

Features & benefits:

  • Manufactured from inert high tenacity virgin polypropylene fibres giving excellent long term durability in all soil types
  • High static and dynamic puncture resistance ensures a low risk of damage during construction.
  • Designed to reduce the required depth of a sub-base, which, in turn, saves construction costs
  • Random orientated web with isotropic properties provide the same strength, permeability and filtration in all directions.
  • High elongation at break maintains separation and filtration function under load particularly in soft and variable ground conditions.
  • Help retain aggregates in place and prevent sinking
  • All our geotextiles have a tensile strength of 8.0kN/m  


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