Geotextile Membrane Landscape Fabric

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SKU 438079-438352
Weight 1kg-8kg
Size 1m x 10m, 2m x 25m, 2m x 50m, 4m x 11.25m
Permeability 100 l/m2/s
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Features and benefits

  • Designed to reduce the depth of the sub-base required, saving construction costs
  • Landscape fabrics offer a separation layer between aggregates and the sub-base, helping retain aggregates in place and prevent sinking
  • Available in a wide range of roll sizes to suit all needs, from small domestic flower beds to commercial landscaping projects
  • All our geotextiles have a tensile strength of 8kN/m  
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More Information
SKU 438079-438352
Weight 1kg-8kg
Size 1m x 10m, 2m x 25m, 2m x 50m, 4m x 11.25m
Permeability 100 l/m2/s

Further information

Nonwoven landscape fabric geotextiles are used as a filter/separator for ground stabilisation in construction or civil engineering applications. Nonwoven geotextile membranes are permeable, allowing water to pass through to provide the filtration and separation functions.

These geotextiles are 100% polypropylene fabrics and prevent the intermixing of different sizes of granular stone layers or soils within a construction sub-base. Geotextile fabrics are used for many applications where drainage control, erosion control and ground stabilisation are required.


Geotextiles can be used to provide ground stabilisation, prevent surface collapse and rutting for the following applications:

  • Construction of gravel driveways
  • Separating stone layers in car parks or overflow car park construction
  • With permeable paving surfaces
  • With grass pavers to prevent the rootzone soil being washed through into the sub-base stone
  • For gravel-filled plastic paving grids to prevent the gravel intermixing with the larger sub-base stone layers
  • In road and pavement construction
  • Under block paving
  • Children's play areas, sandpits and under safety mulch
  • Horse manèges
  • Land drains
  • Wrapping soakaway crates and SuDS tanks
  • Water attenuation & rainwater harvesting

Technical information

  • Stratacheck Plus geotextiles - 100gsm polypropylene fabric, available in the following sizes:
    • 1m x 10m (10sqm)
    • 2m x 25m (50sqm)
    • 2m x 50m (100sqm)
    • 4m x 11.25m (45sqm)
  • Tensile Strength: 8kN/m
  • 100% polypropylene thermally bonded needle-punched geotextile
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