Lotrak 100 Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane 4.5m x 100m


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Product Info:

Lotrak® 100 is a mechanically bonded nonwoven geotextile, with market established technical and hydraulic properties to address every day, industry requirements of separation and filtration. 

Lotrak® geotextiles are used between the sub grade and the sub base to prevent intermixing of stone and aggregates within the soil whilst providing good ground stabilization. Designed to control particle movement of the soil; Lotrak geotextile provides a rapid filtration allowing water to pass and filter drain without the carriage of fine soil particles. With an opening size small enough to control soil particle movement but larger enough to avoid clogging.

The main purpose of this geotextile is to prevent the loss of construction aggregates into the underlying soil.

Technical Information:

  • Tensile Strength (kN/m): MD 8 (EN 10319)
  • Elongation at max. load (%): MD 45 (EN 10319)
  • CBR Puncture Resistance (N): 1500 (EN ISO 12236)
  • Cone Drop Penetration (mm): 36 (EN 918)
  • Pore size 90% finer than (microns): 100 (EN ISO 12956)
  • Water Permeability (x 10-3) (m/sec): 130 (EN ISO 11058)
  • Effect of UV Light: The polypropylene (PP) used contains a UV inhibitor

Features & benefits:

  • Proven separator performance
  • Superior strength and resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent filtration capabilities
  • Good puncture resistance
  • Reduced stone requirements
  • Optimum drainage capabilities