Rootzone Soil | 60/40 Mix | 800kg


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Product Info:

Rootzone is a highly versatile soil created from a 60/40 mix of sand and sandy soils. The blend is 40% natural sandy soil and 60% silica sand consisting of medium fine and medium coarse semi-rounded grains. The semi-rounded sand allows for excellent grass root growth and at the same time adding strength, robustness and good drainage.  This mixture is perfect for use in lawn renovation projects as a dressing and adding to the soil before seeding  / turfing.  It is also ideal for use with our range of permeable pavers when a grass finish is desired as the fill.

Technical Information:

  • Supplied in 800kg bulk bags (nominal weight)
  • Colours: natural sand (as it is a blend, the colour may vary)
  • Usage Conversion: one bulk Bag will cover 20m2 x 20mm deep
  • Chemically neutral
  • Full specification sheets available

Features & benefits:

  • Improves grass root growth
  • Adds strength, robustness and good drainage
  • Will not over compact when trafficked by pedestrians or cars