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PP50 | Heavy Duty Permeable Paving Grids | 1sqm

(SKU: 439243)

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SKU 439243
Weight 6kg
Thickness 50mm
Size 1 sqm
Colour Black
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Features and benefits

  • Sold per square metre
  • Each square metre is made up of three 580mm x 580mm grids 
  • Depth of 50mm allowing for the movement of larger vehicles compared to our lighter-grade pavers
  • Unique open cell structure allowing unrestricted healthy grass root growth or effectively retain gravel
  • The individual pavers interlock to form a single robust surface
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastics which have been UV-stabilised
  • Paver profile that allows use in most weather conditions - they can expand on warmer days or in direct sunlight to stop lifting
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Full specification

More Information
SKU 439243
Weight 6kg
Thickness 50mm
Size 1 sqm
Colour Black

Further information

Suregreen PP50 is a 50mm deep porous paver that can provide a permeable paving ground reinforcement solution for a wide range of trafficking needs. The PP50 paver provides a stable, free-draining and porous surface that can be finished with either grass or gravel. 

The PP50 permeable paver has been designed, using carefully selected recycled plastics, to meet the demands and loadings imposed across a wide range of requirements and site conditions. When installed correctly, the gravel finish or grass finish will provide a hardwearing, robust and permeable working surface that would have an expected lifetime of many years.

For a gravel finish (using 5mm to 20mm mixed sharp angular aggregate), the design of the plastic grids allows excellent interlock with the gravel to resist dynamic and lateral loadings. This ensures that the gravel and paver remain in situ with little or no maintenance requirements. When used with grass, the open cell structure of the paver allows unhindered water drainage which allows for the flow of nutrients and healthy grass root growth.

PP50 porous plastic paving grids have been designed to meet the demands laid down by local government regarding flood alleviation and SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) requirements. PP50 permeable pavers provide a porous/permeable pavement gravel surface that allows rainwater/flood water to infiltrate through the paver surface into the subgrade below. PP50 can be used as part of a SUDS source control system.

Permeable pavers are designed to be installed using an appropriate subgrade and construction profile to suit local conditions and traffic loadings and movements. Please refer to our installation and design sheets for guidance. Our technical team are also on hand to provide guidance and answer your questions.


  • Commercial car park
  • Heavily used access routes
  • Fire & emergency service access routes
  • Gravel car parking
  • Overflow car parks
  • Wheelchair/disabled access paths
  • Free draining pedestrian paths
  • Fire access roads and lanes
  • Cycle paths
  • Permeable driveways
For more information on PP50 please visit our technical area to see our range design guidelines, installation guides and key specifications.

Technical information

Pavers per m²: Three

Compatible vehicle types: Bicycles, wheelchairs, golf carts, cars, caravans, transit vans, 3.5T and 7.5T vans, fire engines, ambulances and 2-axle lorries

Dimensions: 580mm x 580mm x 50mm (L x W x D)

Weight: Each piece is 2kg – 6kg per m² (+/-2%)

Colour: Black

UV-stabilised: Yes

Load-bearing capacity (filled): 500 tonnes per m² (Tested to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 certification)

Traffic loading: 20-tonne wheel load SWL (Tested to DIN 1072 & UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 certification)

Product control: Tested to ISO 9000

Specification Datasheet: PP50 Product Data Sheet

Installation Guide: PP50 Grass Finish or PP50 Gravel FinishDesign Guidelines: PP50 Grass Finish or PP50 Gravel Finish