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Truckgrid-Max | Heavy Duty Permeable Paver | 1 Grid

(SKU: 435191)

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SKU 435191
Weight 9kg
Thickness 80mm
Size 600mmx 400mm
Colour Grey
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Features and benefits

  • Each grid is 600mm x 400mm x 80mm. To make 1sqm you will need 4.17 grids
  • 80mm thick pavers with the ability to withstand movements and loadings of cars, vans, trucks, dustcarts, cranes
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Full specification

More Information
SKU 435191
Weight 9kg
Thickness 80mm
Size 600mmx 400mm
Colour Grey

Further information

Truckgrid-Max permeable paving grids are our thickest, heaviest and most robust ground reinforcement solution. Truckgrid-Max can be installed to have a grass or gravel finish and provides a free-draining permeable pavement surface that is SuDs source control compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System).

Truckgrid-Max porous pavers are designed as a direct replacement for concrete permeable paving and negate the heavy loads and dynamic forces imposed by heavyweight vehicles. These can be used for a range of purposes including HGV, vans and lorry access roads, loading bays, fork-lift areas, coach parks, bus lanes, fire access route and car parks.

Truckgrid-Max has been manufactured using 100% recycled plastics that have the qualities required for a strong, long-lasting, stable surface ideal for the designed traffic load.


  • Intensive-use car parks
  • Truck, van and lorry parks
  • Bus and coach parks
  • Emergency service access roads
  • Retail and warehouse loading bays
  • Driveways where access to lorry access may be required
  • Truckgrid-Max pavers will provide a hard-wearing stabilised ground surface that is robust, permeable and free draining

It can be finished with either gravel or grass. The gravel should be 5mm to 10mm mixed sharp angular aggregate. Please see our installation and design guidance documents for further information.


Sold in 600mm x 400mm x 80mm Grids. To make 1sqm you will need 4.17 grids

Technical information

Grid Size: 600mm x 400mm x 80mm. To make 1sqm you will need 4.17 Grids

Key Specifications: Our full Truckgrid Max Product Data Sheet sheet is available in the Technical Area of our website.

Installation Guidelines: We provide two complete installation guides for grass or gravel finishes that can be found in the Technical Area of our website.

Load bearing capacity: 20-tonne axle loads

Compatible vehicle types: Bicycles, wheelchairs, golf carts, cars, caravans, transit vans, 3.5T and 7.5T vans, fire engines, ambulances, 2 axle lorries, coaches