Cable Ties / Nylon Ties

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Product Info:

Nylon ties/cable ties can be used for a wide variety of applications. Manufactured from high strength Nylon, our black cable ties are incredibly strong and available in various lengths and thicknesses.

Suregreen supply four sizes of nylon cable ties, all supplied in packs of 100 ties:

  • 370mm long x 4.8mm wide
  • 300mm long x 4.8mm wide
  • 200mm long x 4.8mm wide
  • 140mm long x 3.6mm wide

Typical applications for nylon cable ties:

  • Fixing tree shelters to tree stakes
  • Use with tree guard mesh to tie around the supporting stake
  • Joining welded wire mesh panels together
  • Attaching a straining line wire to plastic mesh fencing or galvanised wire mesh fencing (welded or chicken wire)
  • Tying garden netting to fruit and vegetable frames
  • Nylon cable ties have many other uses around the garden, house and in industry.


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