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Oak Railway Sleeper | 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm


SKU: 998192

Timber orders require 2 people to assist offloading, without two people present the delivery can be declined and a re-delivery fee charged.

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Product info:

Oak railway sleepers are a long-lasting and extremely attractive solution for all kinds of landscaping purposes, including raised beds, patios, planters, lawn edging, sleeper retaining walls and garden steps.  With an expected lifespan of up to 20 years, oak railway sleepers will stand the test of time in all weather conditions.  Due to their longevity, these oak railway sleepers are the most popular choice for professional landscapers and garden designers.Made from strong and durable hardwood in our most popular 2.4m length, these oak railway sleepers do not require treating with a preservative, however, you can oil or stain to suit your needs and preferences.  If you decide to leave these oak railway sleepers untreated, then the oak will silver beautifully with age, creating incredible rustic sleepers.  These railway sleepers truly are a stunning product which will enhance areas that accomodate them.  Looking to create a raised bed or sleeper retaining wall?  We strongly recommend using our stainless steel sleeper screws whenever working with oak sleepers, for their longevity and strength.  We also supply all the necessary fixings for the job at-hand, including angle brackets and flat connector plates.  If you are placing the sleepers on a concrete surface, try our concrete base anchor bracket!As these natural, organic sleepers are from sustainably sourced forests, it is to be expected that these sleepers may have waney edges, will split, and may move over time - like all green oak - but this is part of the natural beauty of the product.  Large cracks, splits and irregularities are to be expected with oak railway sleepers, as they are not kiln dried, but green oak, meaning they are fresh, new oak railway sleeprs cut down within the last year.  Given the expected irregularities with this natural product, these oak railway sleepers are not recommended for construction, but for landscaping purposes.N.B: For deliveries, 2 people are required to assist in offloading. Without 2 people being present, we cannot guarantee delivery will be made.

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Technical information:

Timber Species: Fresh Green Oak

Sustainably Sourced: Yes

Treatment: Untreated

Finish: Rough Sawn

Size: 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm +/- 5mm

Weight: 50kg

Colour: Natural

Grading: Landscaping Use

N.B: Sleepers will turn a silvery grey as they age. To manintain colour, we suggest using a stain or preservative annually.

Due to the nature of the product, each sleeper is unique and colour variations, splits, wanes and knots are to be expected. Please report any issues to our customer care team as soon as possible upon delivery.

Features & benefits:

  • Superior quality oak railway sleepers made from sustainably sourced hardwood timber
  • Expected lifespan of around 20 years without the need for any treatment
  • Craned delivery available in all locations in the South East of England


What is a railway sleeper?

Railway sleepers are usually made from timber, either softwood or hardwood, depending on the purpose.  Traditionally, a railway sleeper was used on to correctly space train tracks, providing a smoother and more comfortable journey. However, the main use of railway sleepers today is in landscaping and gardening applications.

Railway sleepers can be used for a number of purposes, namely, raised beds, lawn edging, retaining walls, garden steps and furniture such as benches and tables.  They create a long-lasting and beautiful aesthetic that can help create the perfect outdoor space.

How long do railway sleepers last?

Treated softwood railway sleepers can last around 8 to 10 years due to the pressurised treatment, or if left untreated, around 2 to 5 years.  Hardwood oak railway sleepers will last for around 20 years, due to being made from a slower grown timber that is naturally dense and strong.

What are the different types of sleepers?

Railway sleepers can be purchased in a variety of wood types and sizes.  Within our railway sleeper collection, we supply green treated softwood sleepers, brown treated softwood sleepers, UC4 treated softwood sleepers, hardwood oak sleepers, European hardwood sleepers and specialist sleepers including charred brushwood sleepers.  All of these railway sleepers can be delivered nationwide, with craned delivery available across the South East of England.

What are the best railway sleepers?

The best railway sleepers depend on the application and there are a few kinds of sleepers on the market.  New sleepers can last a lot longer than used or reclaimed sleepers and oak in particular last the longest and weather the least.  If you are looking for a lower-cost alternative that is great for everyday landscaping and gardening, treated softwood sleepers can be a great replacement. 

Charred brushwood sleepers will also last a long time, and are the Rolls Royce of the collection, due to their size and beautiful finish having been treated with fire.  The best of both worlds!

How big is a railway sleeper?

The most popular railway sleepers measure 1.2m x 200mm x 100mm and 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm.  Within our range of railway sleepers, we also supply lengths up to 3m, and widths/depths from 75mm x 150mm up to 240mm x 120mm to suit a variety of landscaping applications.

Can you use sleepers as a retaining wall?

Popular in both traditional and modern garden landscaping, new railway sleepers are ideal for creating retaining wall dividers and garden steps.  They can also be used for raised beds, garden borders, lawn edging, and one customer has even used them to build a swimming pool for summer!

Do railway sleepers need treating?

Oak railway sleepers are made from a naturally strong and dense timber that is slow-grown and therefore does not require any treatment for its 20-year lifespan.  Our softwood railway sleepers, on the other hand, are tantalised treated to offer protection against rot, giving a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. Without treatment, softwood railway sleepers will last around 2 to 3 years.

Can you use railway sleepers for raised beds?

Railway sleepers are ideal for building raised beds and make an excellent alternative to using bricks, concrete or stone.  The natural aesthetic of our sustainably-sourced railway sleepers makes them a popular choice for raised beds, garden borders and lawn edging.

What do you put under railway sleepers in the garden?

Railway sleepers can be placed straight onto the ground, providing it is a flat and stable surface.  For raised beds or borders, we would recommend lining the sleepers with Weed-Defenda 50 or Weed-Defenda 70 to prevent weed and Rhizome growth.  This weed control fabric can be secured to the sleepers using staples, or secured to the ground using ground fixing pegs.

How do you secure railway sleepers to the ground?

Railway sleepers can be secured to the ground using wooden stakes, or our Concrete-In Base Anchor Bracket if being secured to concrete.

What should I bed railway sleepers on?

Due to the weight of railway sleepers, they can mostly be placed straight onto the concrete or soil you wish to have them on. However, they should be bed on a flat and stable surface. 

How do you fix sleepers together?

Made from natural, organic timber, railway sleepers are known to shrink over time, so securing them tight is essential.  We recommend using railway sleeper screws, angle brackets and flat connector plates to fix sleepers together – with stainless steel screws best suited to oak railway sleepers.  Depending on the application, these fixings may need to be changed over a few years to keep them as secure as possible.

How do you stop sleepers from rotting?

Our softwood railway sleepers have been treated with a wood preservative to ensure a long-life outdoors.  This process should prevent any rot without the need for extra treatment.  However, if you wish to cut the sleepers, the ends will be exposed and therefore, will require a preservative treatment such as Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment.

Our oak sleepers are made from naturally dense timber, meaning they do not require any treatments.  However, to keep them in the best condition, we recommend treating them with exterior wood oil to protect them from all weather conditions.  If left alone, they will silver beautifully with age to give a rustic appeal.