Weed Control Matting

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Product Info:

Weed Control Mats are small, individual mats that are placed around the bottom of a tree to provide it with protection from weeds. We supply two different types of mats - polythene mats and woven polypropylene mats. Both have an inbuilt split line to help it to fit easily around the base of a tree. These mats are supplied in packs of 100.

Usually, our polythene mats are 50cm x 50cm and the woven polypropylene mats are 60cm x 60cm. Both of these are available in larger sizes and on rolls, please contact us directly for more information.

Polythene mats

These are the most economical mats that we offer and they provide good protection from weeds for a minimum of 2 years. These mats block the weeds growing from below, but as they are not water permeable they prevent water and nutrients from passing into the soil.

Woven polypropylene mats

These are the most popular mats that we offer. Our woven polypropylene mats offer the same amount of protection against weeds as the standard mats, but with the added benefit of allowing water and nutrients to pass through. This allows the tree to receive water more efficiently and reduces water stress. These mats also have a longer life expectancy of 5 years. The mats are UV-stabilised and made from 300mu (1200 gauge), weighing around 100gms/m². Light transmission is 0.5% and water permeability is 9 litres/m²/sec.

Technical Information:

Polythene mats

  • An economical option which will work effectively to block weed growth
  • Life expectancy of at least two years
  • Supplied pre-cut with a slit to the centre point for the tree
  • Not water-permeable

Woven polypropylene mats

  • Effective mat ideal for aiding tree development
  • Prevents weed growth due to being lightproof
  • Water-permeable - allows water to drain through the mat to provide the tree with essential moisture
  • Strong and will resist tearing/blowing free in windy conditions
  • Life expectancy of at least 5 years

Features & benefits:

  • Quick and easy to install - simply slot around the base of the tree or plant
  • Polythene mats are very economical while still providing great protection from weeds
  • Woven polypropylene mats have the added benefit of allowing water and nutrients to pass through
  • Supplied in packs of 100 individual mats


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