4-Way Pointed Fencing Posts

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Product Info:

Our fencing stakes are strong, sturdy posts ideal for creating domestic, agricultural or equestrian fencing. These robust timber posts are rectangular in shape with a flat edge to make installation of fencing rails easier - whether you're using half-rounded rails or square rails. They also have a pointed base to further aid installation.

These fencing posts are 125mm x 75mm thick and are available in heights of 1.8m and 2.1m.

The timber stakes are green tanalised to protect the wood from rot and fungal decay to ensure they will have a long life outdoors and will last for up to 15 years.

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These fence posts are ideal to use with our:

Technical Information:

  • Green tanalised treated timber to ensure a life of up to 15 years in the outdoors
  • Each post is 125mm x 75mm thick
  • Available in two different heights - 1.8m and 2.1m


Inconjunction with our 3.6m x 47mm x 100mm or 3.6m x 38mmx 87mm rails, these posts create Post&Rail fencing. Posts should be situated 1.8m apart, with a rail spanning across 3 posts. Depending on if you wish to make 2 rail or 3 rail fencing, you will need to purchase a different quantity of material. Please see table below to help calculate how many of each item is necessary to create any Post & Rail fencing.

Length of Fencing
Posts Rails
(2 rail fencing)
(3 Rail Fencing)
50m 29 28 42
100m 57 56 84
Ym (Y/1.8) + 1 (Y/3.6) x 2 (Y/3.6) x 3


About the tanalised preservative

Our timber range is green tanalised treated, a preservative treatment that protects the posts against fungal decay, insect attack and rotting caused by water. The wood preservative treatment is completed under high vacuum pressure to ensure a deep penetration of the wood preservative into the timber cells for long-lasting protection.

The treated wooden posts will initially have a green colouration which will fade to a honey brown and finally to a silver grey. The treatment protects the fence posts from contact with the ground and will prevent rotting for up to 15 years. Suregreen stakes are all tanalised using preservatives including Osmose AC 500 preservative.

Features & benefits:

  • The fencing posts have a pointed end to assist installation
  • Manufactured from green tanalised treated softwood timber
  • Outdoors life expectancy of 8-15 years