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SKU: Oak Square Posts | 1.8m - 3.0m | Hardwood

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Product Info:

Hardwood oak fencing posts are very strong and dense, making them ideal for supporting metal or timber gates. These posts are naturally durable and do not require any kind of treatment. Their life expectancy is 30+ years, even when exposed to moisture or if in constant contact with the ground.

Available in a range of different heights and diameters, our square oak posts are suitable for almost all fencing applications. They are also perfect for fabricating into frames or building furniture with.

Technical Information:

Hardwood oak post sizes:


  • 1.5m long, 75 x 75mm thick
  • 2.4m long, 75 x 75mm thick
  • 3m long, 75 x 75mm thick
  • 1.5m long, 100 x 100mm thick
  • 2.4m long, 100 x 100mm thick
  • 3m long, 100 x 100mm thick
  • 2.4m long, 150 x 150mm thick
  • 3m long, 150 x 150mm thick
  • 2.4m long, 175 x 175mm thick
  • 3m long , 175 x 175mm thick

Features & benefits:

  • 30+ years life expectancy - even when in constant contact with ground moisture
  • Cut to a neat square finish
  • Heavy-duty, strong and dense posts
  • Perfect for supporting heavy items
  • No treatment required