Multipurpose Insulator Starter Kit

(SKU: 994187)

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SKU 994187
Weight 2.1kg
Height 900mm
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  • Multipurpose Insulator Starter Kit supplied in a resealable box with a handle - makes it easy to transport while building or taking down your fence
  • 100 x long-lasting multipurpose insulators compatible with steel wire, polywire
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More Information
SKU 994187
Weight 2.1kg
Height 900mm

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Our FORTIS Multipurpose Insulator Starter Kit contains 100 multipurpose insulators and a drill chuck to help you get your electric fence installation off to a flying start. They are supplied in a resealable container with a handle so that you can easily transport it around with you when putting up or taking down your fence.


  • The multipurpose insulators are compatible with steel wire, polywire, polyrope and polytape up to 40mm. They are made of steel encased in heavy-duty plastic to ensure that they are hard-wearing. They have a screw tip so that they can be installed into wooden posts.
  • The drill chuck will make installing the insulators very quick and easy. Attach it to your drill, place the head of the insulator into the chuck, then simply screw in. You will be able to install your insulator in a matter of seconds.

Technical information

  • Product code: 994187
  • Weight: 2.10kg