Electric Fence Corner Post Insulators

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Product Info:

FORTIS Electric Fencing corner post insulators take the strain of your polywire, polyrope or polytape on your corner posts and guide the conductor around a corner. They are easy to install and use - simply screw the insulator into your timber corner post and feed your conductor into it. They can be used at the ends or corners of your fence.

We have two corner post insulators:

  • A polywire/polyrope corner post insulator
  • A multipurpose corner post insulator which will take polywire, polyrope, and polytape up to 40mm.

Technical Information:

  • Screw-tip insulators which are designed to be used with timber posts
  • Reinforced insulator to take the strain of the conductor

Features & benefits:

  • Corner post insulators will take the strain of your polywire, polyrope or polytape
  • Designed to guide your polywire, polyrope or polytape around corners
  • Will insulate the fence line from your wooden post
  • Large flanges and grooves to keep the conductor within the insulator
  • Rotatable, roller-type insulators to reduce abrasion and wear of the conductor