Electric Fence End Strain Insulators

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Product Info:

FORTIS Electric Fencing end strain insulators are an important tool when constructing a solid and secure electric fence. They are designed to keep the tension along your electric fence and can be used as either an end or a corner strain insulator. These are suitable for use with polywire, polyrope and strained wire and are great for use with both permanent and temporary/semi-permanent electric fences.

Technical Information:

  • Long leakage path to prevent arcing
  • Made from heavy-duty plastic
  • Supplied in packs of four

Features & benefits:

  • Ideal for use with polywire, polyrope or strained wire
  • Can be used on corners, curves and at the end of fences
  • Will take the strain and ensure your fence is taut and secure
  • Deep to ensure your wire stays in place