Electric Fence Connectors

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Product Info:

Our FORTIS Electric Fencing connectors will allow you to join your conductors together and are much more reliable than just tying the polytape, polyrope or polywire together. Tying a knot can also reduce the power of your fence, so connectors will help to improve the conductivity and connection throughout the full fence. They can also be used to connect your conductors to gate handles.

Our steel tape-to-tape connector is predominantly used with polytape up to 40mm in width, but can also be used with polywire, polyrope, metal single strand wire or multi-strand wires. This connector allows conductivity between two vertically parallel fence lines. They can also be used to connect polytape to gate handles.

Our buckle connection connectors allow for horizontal lengths of conductor to be connected together without any loss of conductivity. They are compatible with wires, ropes, and tape up to 40mm in width.

Our 20mm polytape connectors and 40mm polytape connectors are an easy-to-use and economical option for polytape connection. They are buckle-style connectors manufactured from galvanised steel and will securely fasten your conductors together.

Technical Information:

  • Manufactured from steel
  • Available in four different sizes and styles to suit your needs

Features & benefits:

• Versatile connectors - can be used to connect conductors horizontally or vertically to each other, as well as to gate handles or gate handle anchor insulators
• Made from steel to ensure they are long-lasting and highly conductive
• Can be used with polywire, polyrope or polytape
• Much more effective than tying a knot in your conductors