Electric Fence Gate Handle Insulators

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Product Info:

FORTIS Electric Fencing gate handle insulators will allow you to electrify your fence's gateway, enabling the pulse from your energiser to travel across and continue the other side of your gate. The hooks on our gate handle insulators are suitable for attaching your conductor or your gate handle. This insulator is compatible with both hook and loop gate handles.

These insulators have a screw tip so that they can be fixed to timber posts. We supply our electric fence gate handle insulators in the following packs:

  • A pack of three fixed-position gate handle insulators
  • A pack of 10 rotatable gate handle insulators

Technical Information:

  • Screw tip - designed to be installed into timber posts

Features & benefits:

  • Available in packs of rotatable or fixed gate handle insulators
  • Hooks on both sides which are suitable for conductors and gate handles to be attached to
  • High-quality and heavy-duty plastic with steel fixing and hooks to ensure longevity
  • Will enable you to electrify your gate