MOT Type 1 Sub Base | SHW Clause 803 | 800kg


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Product Info:

MOT Type 1 limestone is used commonly as a sub-base for paths, drives, patios, and many other construction jobs.  MOT Type 1 is used to provide long term stability and support so the wearing coat on the surface will not buckle or deform. MOT Type 1 is very angular in shape and so after compaction the particles will lock and key to each other.  MOT Type 1 is very favoured because after compaction a very even surface can often be achieved.

The main uses of MOT Type 1 are:

  • As a subbase for many applications including driveways, paths and garden buildings.
  • As a filling product in construction

Technical Information:

  • Supplied in 800kg bulk bags (nominal weight)
  • Colours: white to grey
  • Usage Conversion: one bulk Bag will cover 20m2 x 20mm deep
  • As it is a blend the colour may vary slightly

Features & benefits:

  • Often a cheap way of making temporary roadways or paths
  • Will generally give a flat surface even after compaction
  • Will not over compact when trafficked by pedestrians or cars