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FORTIS SG300 Dual-Input Energiser

(SKU: 993906)

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SKU 993906
Weight 5kg
Brands Fortis
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Features and benefits

  • Dual-input

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More Information
SKU 993906
Weight 5kg
Brands Fortis

Further information

FORTIS SG300 is a dual input electric fence energiser, giving you the option of powering it via a battery or by using mains power. This makes it a versatile option for your electric fence. This is a powerful energiser packing a 12,000V punch (4J).

If you power this using mains power it removes the need to regularly charge the battery, making it a low-maintenance option with a high level of reliability. It will need little interference other than the usual routine checks of the fence.

If you power this energiser using a battery instead, it makes the energiser a lot more portable. This makes it ideal for use as part of a temporary electric fence.

FORTIS SG300 has a pulse indicator so that you can easily see that it is pulsing correctly. It also has a coloured battery indicator.

This energiser is suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Farm use such as enclosing livestock and preventing migration
  • Equestrian use – horse fences, strip grazing and paddocks
  • Keeping pests/predators out of animal enclosures

This energiser has a 2-year warranty from date of purchase.

Technical information

  • Input voltage: 220Vac/12Vdc
  • Output voltage: 12