Unframed Featheredge Closeboard Panel | Brown Treated

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Product Info:

Our Unframed Closeboard Fence Panels are hand made and formed from brown pressure treated timber to extend the overall life of the fence panel. Consisting of 4 backing rails and 18 feather edge boards with an inch overlap, our closeboard fence panel is strong and long lasting.

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Our featheredge panels are ideal to use with our: 

Technical Information:

• Each component of the panel is individually pressure treated before assembly
• Pressure treatment helps protect timber from insect attack, fungal decay and rot
• Panels are handmade
• Length: 1.83m (6ft)
• Heights available: 0.9m (3ft), 1.2m (4ft), 1.5m (5ft), 1.65m (5ft 6in), 1.8m (6ft)

About the tanalised preservative:

Our timber range is brown tanalised treated, a preservative treatment that protects the posts against fungal decay, insect attack and rotting caused by water. The wood preservative treatment is completed under high vacuum pressure to ensure a deep penetration of the wood preservative into the timber cells for long-lasting protection. The timber will initially have a Brown colouration which will fade to a honey brown and finally to a silver grey. The treatment protects the fencing from contact with the ground and will prevent rotting for up to 15 years.

Features & benefits:

• Brown pressure treated to improve longevity of timber
• Four back rails (75x32mm)
• 18 feather edge boards (125x22mm Ex)