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Remix Post Mix Concrete | 20kg


SKU: 879795

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Product info:

Remix Post Mix Concrete is suitable for use in fixing all types of wooden, metal and concrete posts.

  • Mix is kiln dried, pre-blended, factory produced quick setting concrete.
  • Hardens in approximately 10 minutes after water addition, depending on conditions

User Instructions

Dig a hole to required size for post, half fill the hole with water and place the post in the hole.

The material is already pre-mixed. There is no need for mixing. It can simply be emptied straight from the bag into the hole.

Add the Remix Post Mix Concrete uniformly around the post, until it is above the level of water. If any dry powder remains visible at this stage, add additional water until absorbed by the material.

Adjust the post into position and support appropriately until material set occurs, after approximately 10 minutes.

After Laying

Once concrete has set, cover with earth, grass or decorative aggregate, as required.


For help in calculating required quantities relevant to individual requirements, please consult table in Technical Information.

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Technical information:

Post Shape & Size Hole Size (Width x Depth) Approx number of bags required Round 2"(50mm) 6" (150mm) x 12" (300mm)6" (150mm) x 18" (450mm)6" (150mm) x 24" (600mm)8" (200mm) x 12" (300mm)8" (200mm) x 18" (450mm)8" (200mm) x 24" (600mm) 1/2 Bag1/2 Bag3/4 Bag2/3 Bag1 Bag1 1/2 Bags Square 3"(75mm) 8" (200mm) x 18" (450mm)8" (200mm) x 24" (600mm)8" (200mm) x 30" (750mm)12" (300mm) x 18" (450mm)12" (300mm) x 24" (600mm)12" (300mm) x 30" (750mm) 3/4 Bag1 Bag1 1/3 Bag2 1/43 Bags3 3/4 Bags Square 4"(100mm) 8" (200mm) x 18" (450mm)8" (200mm) x 24" (600mm)8" (200mm) x 30" (750mm)12" (300mm) x 18" (450mm)12" (300mm) x 24" (600mm)12" (300mm) x 30" (750mm) 2/3 Bag3/4 Bag1 Bags2 Bags2 3/4 Bags3 1/2 Bags

Features & benefits:

  • Quick setting - Approximately 10 minutes from adding water
  • Easy to manage 20kg bags
  • Plastic bags prevents splitting
  • Consistent, strong hold