Tornado R8/80/22 | Torus High Tensile Stock Fencing

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SKU 998949
Weight 50kg
Length 100m
Brands Tornado
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Features and benefits

  • Strains tighter than other fences, requiring fewer posts for quicker erection
  • Does not stretch with weathering
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More Information
SKU 998949
Weight 50kg
Length 100m
Brands Tornado

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High tensile steel livestock fencing from the UK's market leader in agricultural, forestry and equestrian fencing.  Made in the UK, this 0.8m stock fencing is available in 100m rolls and has 8 horizontal steel wires, with a verticle wire spacing of 22cm.

R8/80/22 stock fence features solid vertical wires and the unobtrusive high pressure bonded Torus knot which does not have any sharp edges. Tornado Torus Stock Fence is manufactured with high tensile wire which strains tighter than mild steel and so requires fewer intermediate posts, making it quicker to erect. It does not stretch with weathering so does not need to be retightened annually.

Is high tensile stock fencing difficult to erect?

While high tensile stock fencing certainly requires different techniques to erect than mild steel, it is no more difficult. Most farms have access to a post driver that can easily drive in strainers to the required depth. Bending and tying off is simple when using the correct technique.

What makes this wire a low maintenance solution?

The total number of people working on farms has halved since the 1970s meaning there is less time available for regular maintenance jobs such as tightening stock fences. Tornado High Tensile Fencing stays tight and does not stretch like mild steel, leaving you with one less job on your list!

Isn't high tensile fencing more expensive?

It is a common misconception that a mild steel stock fence will cost less than high tensile. High tensile mesh rolls may be more expensive to buy, but this is more than compensated for by the reduced numbers of posts and labour required.

Can you tell me more about the Torus knot?

The Torus knot from Tornado features a high-pressure bonded knot with continuous verticle stay wire.  This creates a smooth knot with no sharp edges and benefits from being a stronger knot than the hinge joint.

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Technical information

  • Height - 0.8 metress
  • Number of horizontal line wires - 8
  • Vertical stay line wire Spacing - 22cm
  • Top bottom & intermediate line wire spec - 2.5mm dia ‚Äì 1235-1390 N/mm2
  • Vertical line wire spec - 2.5mm dia ‚Äì 695-850 N/mm2
  • Galvanised to BS EN10244 ‚Äì Class A
  • Average roll weight: 50Kg

Compliance with British and European Standards:

  • BSEN 10218 - Steel Wire and Wire Products part 2 - General Wire Dimensions and Tolerances
  • BSEN 10223 - Steel Wire and Wire Products for Fencing and Netting Part 5 - Steel Wire Woven Hinged Joint and Knotted Mesh Fencing
  • BSEN 10244 - Steel Wire and Wire Products Non-Ferrous Metallic Coatings on Steel Wire Part 2 - Zinc or Zinc Alloy Coatings (all Tornado products are galvanised to class A)