Timber Sleeper Screw | 8mm x 225mm | Pack 50 | Timco In-Dex | Wafer Head


SKU: 878545

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Product Info:

These wafer head timber fixing screw are an alternative to the traditional coach screw for timber to timber applications such as sleepers, decks, and fence.

Technical Information:

8mm x 225mm. - Driver Bit Size: TX40 - Head Type: Wafer Head - Exterior Timber Screw - 1000 hours salt spray resistance to BS EN 9227:2012 - CE Marked - Painted lubrication, designed to enhance screw insertion time and provides greater resistance to corrosion - 50°Deep single thread - Type 17 slash to reduce torque - Helix shank for removing debris and to improve clamping

Features & benefits: