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Turf Reinforcement Mesh Installation Guide

Suregreen TR3 and TR4 are flexible lightweight turf reinforcement meshes designed to allow trafficking on grassed areas when normally this would not be considered. Easy to install and maintain Suregreen TR turf reinforcement meshes work best when applied to areas that are reasonably flat, free-draining and with well-established grass growth.

The plastic mesh is applied directly on top of the grass, held in place by steel u-pins and the grass is encouraged to grow and entangle with the mesh. In the growing season, March to October generally, the mesh would be expected to have ‘disappeared’ into the grass and be no longer visible within 5 to 6 weeks and then open to use. A spring / early summer installation will allow Suregreen TR turf reinforcement meshes to reach their optimum working condition quickly. However, the product can be installed and used any time of the year when allowances are made for grass growing conditions.

Download Turf Mesh Installation Guidelines

1. Basic requirements to achieve the best results.

a. The area needs to be relatively flat and no steeper than 1 in 20 fall is advisable.

b. The area needs to be generally even. Gentle undulations in the region are usually acceptable but abrupt ruts and raised areas will need filling in or leveling out before being re-turfed. Laying turf rather than re-seeding is a better option as this will always allow the area to be used quicker because seeding can take a whole growing season to develop the necessary grass structure.

c. The grassed area needs to drain reasonably well. Badly draining land at times of heavy rainfall may allow the ground to become soft and pliable underneath the reinforcement mesh. This may lead to the mesh being compromised and it will not perform as expected.

d. A strong, robust well established grass in consolidated soil is required. This is needed for two main reasons. Firstly the U pins required to secure the mesh need the grass root structure and firm soil in place to provide a hold.  Secondly, a strong grass root structure is needed to add strength to the mesh to allow the desired trafficking.

Note:- Suregreen TR turf reinforcement meshes can be and are often used in conjunction with heavier meshes / pavers in applications including parking bays on very well-drained soils when the trafficking is to be very infrequent and never intense. Often all the access routes would be a heavier mesh such as Suregreen GR10 or GR14 grass reinforcement meshes that could manage the increased loadings.

2. Installation of the Suregreen TR Turf reinforcement mesh

a. Prior to installation, the grass needs to be cut short. This will help in making sure the plastic mesh lays tight against the ground to allow the swiftest entanglement of grass roots and mesh.

b. Unroll the roll of mesh and allow it to ‘relax’ for an hour or so to reduce any undulations in the plastic mesh. Following this, the first set of pins should be installed on the edges, to aid in the relaxation and flattening of of the mesh

c. Fix Suregreen TR Turf Reinforcement meshes to the existing grass at 500mm centres ensuring that the mesh is flush with the grass with minimal high areas. Fixing is provided by using steel fixing u-pins. As a guide, we suggest that at least 100 pins are required for a 2m x 30m roll. The U-pins have been designed to fit flush with or just below the mesh so they are not a trip hazard and the grass can be safely mowed.

d. When installing the rolls next to each or in a row the edges of the adjacent rolls should be overlapped by 100mm. Pin through the mesh at the overlap so each of the rolls is joined to the adjacent one.

3. General notes

a. For the mesh to reach optimum working conditions, the grass needs to be fully intertwined with the plastic mesh. During the growing season, this is usually after about 6 to 8 weeks. Another way to gauge readiness is to start to use the mesh after 3 to 4 cuts of the grass.

b. Set the mower blades slightly higher than usual for the initial 2 to 3 grass cuts to prevent them from coming into direct contact with the mesh, allowing the cuttings to fall back on to the area. When the installation is ready for use, the mesh should be well intertwined with the grass roots and sward, resulting in it being less visible. At this stage, cutting the grass can be done as normal.

c. Suregreen TR turf reinforcement meshes have been designed to reach their full working potential in the quickest time period with areas that have an established grass structure. When it is the intention to lay the mesh in a region that is devoid of grass, and the area is going to be seeded to establish grass, time will be needed for the grass to develop a strong grass root structure before the mesh is planned to be used. This is usually a full growing season – March to October. Turf reinforcement meshes can still be laid on the newly growing grass, allowing the grass to grow into the mesh. It would be advisable that a test is done with a pin on site to make sure the pin will stay in place as there would be no existing grass root structure to help to hold the pin in place. This can be a problem, especially with sandy soils.

d. When Suregreen TR plastic turf reinforcement meshes are installed in hot weather, the sun may cause the roll to expand and ripples to occur in the mesh. This is quite normal and the mesh will settle down as the temperature cools and the grass grows into the mesh.

e. Care must be taken when first installed prior to the mesh becoming covered and entangled by the grass as Suregreen Turf Reinforcement meshes can be slippery especially when wet. It is advisable that any newly laid areas are cordoned off until the grass has fully established over the mesh.

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