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  • PP50 Permeable Paver

    PP50 is a 50mm-deep porous paver suitable for a wide range of trafficking needs. This paver can have a grass or gravel finish and is perfect for commercial projects, frequently trafficked areas and emergency vehicles. Find out more
  • PP40 Permeable Paver

    PP40 is our most universal paver and provides ground reinforcement and stabilisation for both domestic and commercial applications. This paver is available in black or green and can be finished with either gravel or grass. Find out more
  • Truckgrid Max Paver

    Truckgrid-Max is made up of 80mm-thick permeable paving grids that are very robust and stable. They are suitable for heavy-duty commercial projects such as warehouse loading bays, emergency service access roads or HGV areas. Find out more
  • Grass Reinforcement Mesh

    Grass reinforcement mesh is used to strengthen and protect grassed areas, making them suitable for car and pedestrian traffic. We offer a heavy-duty 14mm-thick mesh and a medium-grade 11m-thick mesh which are suited to different types of projects. Find out more
  • Turf Reinforcement Mesh

    Turf reinforcement meshes are our lightest-duty ground reinforcement solution, used to protect heavily used grass walkways or cycle paths, or for preventing pets from digging up the lawn. Find out more
  • Specifier and Trade Enquiries

    Specifier and Trade Enquiries - Ground Reinforcement Products  Suregreen offer a wide range of ground reinforcement solutions, including Grass Reinforcement Mesh, Permeable Pavers, Geotextile rolls and more.  Please use the "Enquiry" button Find out more