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Grass Reinforcement Mesh Product Data Sheet

Grass Reinforcement Mesh Product Data Sheet

GR14, GR10 & GR11 Protection Mesh

Description Thick plastic mesh for reinforcing grass surfaces. Fixed to the ground the grass growth will interlock with the mesh filaments creating a strong stable surface for traffic applications.

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Structure: Oscillated

Polymer: High-density polyethylene

Material: Recycled plastics

Ecology influence: Environmentally neutral

Securing method: Steel pins, fixing U-Pins

Colour: Green

Slip risk/PTV value: 40 (Low)

UV-stabilised: Yes

Production & quality control: GB/T 9001-2008 / ISO 9001-2008

GR10 & GR11 Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Options: 1m x 10m, 2m x 10m, 2m x 20m, 2.5m x 5m Thickness: 11mm Weight: 1.2kg per m² Tensile strength (kN/m)(MD/TD): 13.5 kN/m² Yield point elongation (%): 22% Roll weight: 12kg, 24kg, 48kg, 15kg

GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Options: 1m x 10m, 2m x 10m, 2m x 20m, 2.5m x 15m Thickness: 14mm Weight: 2kg per m² Tensile strength (kN/m)(MD/TD): 19 kN/m² Yield point elongation (%): 21% Roll weight: 20kg, 40kg, 80kg, 75kg

All data figures are nominal and are given in good faith. Suregreen Limited reserve the right to amend any data without prior notice. Product variances are provided as a guide and normal production and product characteristics are within these parameters.

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