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Frequently Asked Questions on Windbreak Fencing

What is windbreak fencing?

Suregreen windbreak fencing is a plastic mesh that is designed to reduce wind speeds and protect different areas from potentially destructive winds. It is typically used as horticultural or agricultural fencing in exposed areas where there is a need to reduce these wind speeds to protect crops or animals. It is also used as decorative and effective garden fencing.

Applications for this type of fencing include:

  • Tree nurseries
  • Farmland
  • Livestock protection
  • Garden fencing
  • Allotments
  • Protection to plants, crops and gardens


How does windbreak fencing work?

If you put up a solid wall or fence to block the wind which has no holes or apertures in it, this can instead create damaging wind eddies or simply deflect the wind in another direction. In some cases, this can actually increase wind damage.

Suregreen windbreak fencing uses the method to instead break up the wind force. As the wind hits the plastic mesh, it is forced through the fence’s small apertures. As some wind is deflected and some is let through, the force of the wind is broken. This reduces its speed and protects your crops, plants, livestock or buildings - anything on the other side.


What is the difference between windbreak fencing, windbreak mesh and knitted windbreak mesh?

Windbreak Fencing Mesh is a semi-rigid mesh fencing. It has hexagonal holes with a nominal size of 8 x 6mm. It’s manufactured from HDPE plastic to ensure it is high-strength and able to stand up to heavy winds. The wind speeds are reduced as its force is broken when it passes through the mesh holes, reducing speeds by up to 50%.

Windbreak Cladding Mesh is manufactured differently to our plastic hexagonal windbreak mesh. The HDPE plastic is stretched during the manufacturing process which increases the tensile strength of the fencing. Windbreak cladding mesh is designed to reduce wind speed by 50% as it passes through the plastic mesh's 10 x 6mm oval holes.

Knitted windbreak Mesh is a large monofilament netting which is ideal for commercial applications. These HDPE plastic windbreaks are extremely strong and are designed to not only reduce wind speed, but also to provide 50% shade protection. Commonly used around livestock, it will also provide protection for plants, crops and gardens from wind, rain, dust, sand and drifting snow.


What is the benefit of using an artificial windbreak fence over a living windbreak fence?

A living windbreak fence is when you plant trees or shrubs to create a natural windbreak fence, but this is semi-permanent and will take time to become established and grow. You will also need to water and maintain this type of fencing.

Using garden fencing or windbreak fencing mesh will give you immediate protection, take up less space, can be permanent or temporary depending on your needs, and will give consistent protection.

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