Knitted Windbreak Mesh

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SKU 437683-437706
Weight 6kg-12kg
Colour Green
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Features and benefits

  • The mesh is manufactured from HDPE plastic - this is Suregreen's heaviest duty windbreak fencing 
  • The mesh has eyelets running along the top and bottom of the roll to make installation quick and simple 
  • The monofilament windbreak system is very tough and reduces wind by up to 45% 
  • The knitted netting is UV-stabilised to ensure a long life - even when exposed to the elements
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More Information
SKU 437683-437706
Weight 6kg-12kg
Colour Green

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Knitted Windbreak Netting is a monofilament fencing netting or flat tape and filament knitted netting. Manufactured from HDPE plastic filaments, these knitted windbreaks are extremely strong and are designed to reduce wind speeds up to 45% and provide protection for plants, crops and gardens from wind, rain and drifting snow.

Monofilament windbreak netting is supplied with fixing eyelets at the top and bottom of each roll. The windbreak fencing netting can easily be fixed to timber posts, straining line wire, cladding and other systems to produce a very strong and effective windbreak.

Key Applications 

  • Temporary and permanent fencing to protect from wind, rain and drifting snow
  • Livestock screening
  • Protection to plants, crops and gardens
  • Farm barn ends, side vents and backdrops
  • Crop cover
  • Dust control
  • Shading

Our monofilament windbreak system is tough and extremely durable. The knitted netting is UV-stabilised and weighs 100g/m². 

  • Ideal for protecting crops, container-grown nursery stock, field crops, allotments and gardens
  • Windbreak fencing provides immediate wind protection
  • Knitted monofilament windbreak netting and shade netting should be fixed to posts facing the prevailing wind, or not less than 45%
  • Eyelets are provided for fixing and straining wire fixing

Technical information

  • Manufactured from HDPE plastic
  • Available in two different heights
  • Offers both wind and shade protection
  • Weight of 100g/m²