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Windbreak Cladding Mesh

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Product info:

Windbreak cladding mesh fencing is manufactured differently to our plastic hexagonal windbreak mesh. The UV-stabilised plastic is stretched during the manufacturing process which increases the tensile strength of the fencing. The plastic mesh becomes very strong, making this product robust and durable for both commercial and domestic use.

Windbreak cladding mesh is designed to reduce wind speed by 50% as it passes through the plastic mesh's 10 x 6mm oval holes. Our windbreak cladding is available in green and black, and is commonly used as wind protection for nurseries, gardens, crops, vegetable patches, allotments, plants and livestock.

Supplied on 1m x 25m rolls.

Technical information:

  • Manufactured from stretched plastic
  • 1m x 25m rolls
  • Mesh aperture of 10 x 6mm (nominal)
  • Weight of 300g/m²

Features & benefits:

  • Plastic windbreak cladding mesh with oval apertures which reduce wind speeds by up to 50%
  • UV-stabilised for longevity
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Straining line wires should be used to add strength and rigidity to the plastic fence
  • Manufactured from stretched plastic to give it high-tensile strength
  • Mesh aperture of 10 x 6mm (nominal)
  • Supplied as 1m x 25m rolls
  • Weight of 300g/m²