Super Soft Tree Ties

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Product Info:

Super soft tree ties are thick strips of soft rubber that loop around the tree and the stake and then locks back into itself. The figure-of-eight tying method ensures that the bark of the tree and the stake remains separated and reduces the risk of abrasion. This is an effective and easy way to install ties and the soft rubber offers more “stretch” than traditional tree ties, allowing more room for growth and less risk of strangulation.

The tie is manufactured from PVC plastic and, although soft to the touch and stretchable, it has a very high tensile strength. We offer the ties in four different sizes and they are supplied in bags of 100.

Associated Products:

Our Super Soft Tree Ties are perfect to use with our:

Technical Information:

  • Made from PVC plastic

Features & benefits:

  • Made from PVC plastic - soft and strong with a very high tensile strength
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reusable time and time again


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