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Square Sawn Hardwood Stake | 1.3m x 25mm x 25mm

(SKU: 203820)

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SKU 203820
Length 1.3m
Weight 0.8kg
Size 1.3m x 25mm x 25mm
Height 1300mm
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Features and benefits

  • Cut into a square shape and a pointed spike base, making it easier to install
  • Suitable for supporting young trees and shelters and lightweight garden fencing
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Further information

Square sawn timber tree stakes are suitable for supporting trees, tree guards, tree shelters and lightweight garden fencing.

Technical information

  • Height- 1.3m 
  • Depth- 25mm
  • Width- 25mm 
  • Material- Acacia
  • Finish- Rough Sawn, Pointed Tip