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Levington® Peat Free Organic Blend Soil Conditioner | 50L

(SKU: 874479)

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SKU 874479
Brands Levington
Weight 20kg
Size 50L
Blend 100% Peat-Free
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Features and benefits

  • High-nutrient soil conditioner made from peat free composted materials that will improve poor soil structure
  • Aids plant establishment, ideal for growing roses, trees and shrubs
  • Also suitable for suppressing weeds when used as a mulch
  • Supplied in easy-to-handle 50L bags
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More Information
SKU 874479
Brands Levington
Weight 20kg
Size 50L
Blend 100% Peat-Free

Further information

Levington Organic Blend Soil Conditioner is made up of peat free composted materials which are high in nutrients. These 100% peat-free composted materials are a by-product from the timber industry which would otherwise be waste, used to improve soil structure and drainage of clay or sandy soil.  It is a natural alternative to peat which provides a valuable source of organic matter which creates a better growing environment for plants and flowers. This makes the soil conditioner perfect for roses, trees and shrubs. 

This peat-free soil conditioner can be used for:

  • Roses, trees and shrubs
  • Improving the structure of sandy soils
  • Improving the drainage of clay soils
  • General soil improvement
  • Aiding plant establishment in shrubs
  • Mulching around flowerbeds to suppress weds

Check out our guide on How to Use Levington Organic Blend Soil Conditioner.

Technical information

  • Product Type: Soil Conditioner
  • Brand: Levington
  • Bag Size: 50L
  • Peat-Free: Yes
  • Child Friendly: Yes
  • Pet Friendly: Yes


  • Keep the bag closed when in storage to prevent drying out
  • Storage from one year to another may affect performance
  • Keep away from pesticides
  • Occasionally, a white mould appears on the compost – this is not harmful to your plants and should disappear naturally


Each bag contains either:

  • 2m² at 2.5cm deep ground coverage, or
  • 1m² at 5cm deep ground coverage

To determine how many bags you need for your project, use our Compost Volume Calculator!